A Comprehensive Outcomes Based Support System
for all Diabetes Programs.

Current Version: 6.3 - released NOVEMBER, 2018. 

Harbor Software initially wrote an Diabetes Outcomes System for the Michigan Department of Health's Diabetes Network in 1992.  The System evolved and grew to what is it today.

The Diabetes Management System is a comprehensive support system for any size Diabetes Education Department.  It was designed with the input of Diabetes Educators in order to assist them with all aspects of their program. Some of the major System goals are... 

  • Centralize and Integrate Patient Data.

  • HL7 Interface for automated and seamless transfer of data to/from your EMR.

  • Eliminate of Redundant Data Entry.

  • Simplify Record Keeping.

  • Over 300 Available Reports, many with filtering capability.

  • Provide a Complete Solution.

  • Quantify and Prove the Effectiveness of your Education Program.

  • Measure Participant Knowledge Levels and their Understanding of Diabetes.

  • Measure Clinical Outcomes, Goal Attainment, and Behavioral Change.

  • Record and Track Education Attendance.

  • Effectively Track Participant Follow Ups.

  • Track Participant Complication Rates.

  • Maximize Reporting with Minimal Effort.

  • Tracking Educator DSME and CEU Hours.

  • Automate ADA Recognition Reporting

  • Automate AADE DEAP Reporting and AADE7TM Behavioral Data & Goals.

  • Provide all backup reporting for Recognition.

  • Provide NCQA Reporting

  • Automate Annual Meeting Data Reporting

  • Assist with scheduling Staff and Patients.

  • Connectivity with other Systems.

  • Patient Data Resides Locally at your Site.

  • You Retain Full Ownership and Control of all your Patient Data.

  • Full System Support.

  • Regular and Feature Enhanced Upgrades.